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Team Development - 974 Words

What channel has been used for team development in past 5 years in MPHK? In 2008, the first year to launch the new training or workshop to all departments we selected four to five staff from each department to join the workshop and train up them to be the departmental trainer by classes and courses. But the result and the feedback from the trainer is not too positive and effectively, because the training for them is so new and they can’t always apply in work to build up the team in the department. In 2009, according to last year comments and feedback, we decided to add more activity which the trainers get more involved rather just sit in the class room only listen. We start the outing activities, e.g. hiking, one day campus outing,†¦show more content†¦E.g. there have some team building campus where can let us rent for a day with activities. Also, I suggest that we should have cross training within the company, trainer should go to other department for training and see what they are doing, people can learn from others situation and different environment, also they can better understand others department staff work procedure to be more respect others during work, after the trainer learn from other department, he/ she can share the experience to the team, this may help them to solve the similar problems in the future. Beside trainer, we also can select some staff cross department training too, but it need to base on their willing and needs. Chapter 4 Conclusion In the past five year, we can see the team development channel has been change from class room style and seminar to much more on activities and outing, activities and outing which are effective training channel with a bit more cost, but this can make people get the main point of training and made them feel they are part on the team, rather feel boring sitting in the class room only listen. Therefore, exchange relationship in training are more effective compare with class room and seminar channel, also the trainer and training tools are play veryShow MoreRelatedTeam Building And Development Team1518 Words   |  7 Pages Team Building and Development It takes extraordinary leadership to assemble great teams. Leaders who are not reluctant to course right, making challenging choices and launch principles of implementation that are continually being met – and enhancing them at all times. Whether in the working environment, expert sports, or our nearby community, team building needs a keen understanding of individuals, their merits and what makes them eager to work with others. Llopis mentioned, â€Å"Team buildingRead MoreTeam Development Stages891 Words   |  4 Pages1.(a) The definition of team development stages are special challenges to a group of people to work together successfully by using each development stage. The team and the organization take action to develop each stage to support the team to be a success and accomplish the mission. (b) The example of each team development stage is Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning stages. The forming stage develops when the team members meet each other at the first meeting and share informationRead MoreGroup and Team Development2760 Words   |  12 PagesThe Customer Services Team handles all inbound calls for the business (1000+ per day) and operates from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday. There are fifteen team members two of which are Team Leaders. The Team is further divided into different sub-groups that deal with different business sectors such as Pharma, Telecommunications, e-commerce. The main focus of the team is dealing with customer queries via inbound calls and managing corporate accounts in terms of providing daily reports and updatesRead MoreTeam Process And Team Development1201 Words   |  5 Pages Team Process and Team Development Submitted by Your name Course title Instructor name Date of submission University name Team Development Process in Selected Organization A team can be defined as two or more freely interacting individuals who share collective norms and have a common identity (Kreitner, Kinicki, Cole, 2007). The team process is an important factor which helps the team to attain success. The team process plays three critical roles which are: converts the team’s charterRead MoreTeam Development2136 Words   |  9 Pagesrelying on teams and teamworking in pursuit of performance improvement, while at the same time educational institutions are making increasing use of teamwork as a means for delivering education and learning. It is important, therefore, to understand the differing patterns of teamworking skills developed by workers from diverse backgrounds, as these will have a significant impact on workplace behaviour. Background The assignment describes the results of extensive research concerning Team DevelopmentRead MoreThe Team Development Stages Of The Elected Team Leader844 Words   |  4 Pages In the case 7, the elected team leader, Christine, was worried that her group will not be able to do on the assigned project, since one member of the group did not fully complete the work (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, Hunt, 2012). In my opinion, Christine did not understand the team development stages very well, thus she lost the control over her group. According to Shermerhorn et al. (2012), there are 5 team development stages that each newly created team goes through: forming, storming normingRead MoreCompany s Research And Development Team1425 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: Our client, a medium-sized seller and worldwide manufacturer has hired us to analyze and help resolve an employee team problem. The company’s Research and Development team (RD) recently decided it needed to revamp and create high-end designer products in order to remain competitive in the world market. Our client had originally created a virtual task force comprised of three individuals chosen for their expertise in the areas of product design, sales and marketing. Relevant Facts:Read MoreShield: Product Development in a Distributed Team4806 Words   |  20 PagesSHIELD: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT IN A DISTRIBUTED TEAM (Case study No: 06/2005-5285) Assignment Case Study Executive MBA March 2009 ï ¿ ½ TABLE OF CONTENTS 1EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ï ¿ ½ 2INTRODUCTION ï ¿ ½ 2MANAGING GLOBAL COMPLEXITY IN THE DRM SOFTWARE INDUSTRY ï ¿ ½ 3Multiplicity ï ¿ ½ 3Interdependence ï ¿ ½ 3Ambiguity ï ¿ ½ 3Flux and Speed ï ¿ ½ 3THE CULTURES OF INFOTECH AND PROFESSIONAL ï ¿ ½ 3Organisational Culture ï ¿ ½ 5Culture Model - Gofee and Jones ï ¿ ½ 6Team Motivation ï ¿ ½ 7PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT ï ¿ ½ 7Goal-setting Theory ï ¿ ½Read MoreThe Stages Of Team Development2153 Words   |  9 PagesQUESTIONS †¢ 1. Discuss the stages of team development. Address the process, problems, and level of productivity of each. †¢ Forming, storming, norming, and performing are the stages in team development. Forming is basically when the team gets to know each other, there is not much direction at this stage, and little work is accomplished. Storming is the second stage, the project objective and scope is clearer now. Team members start doing their assigned tasks. Conflict and tensions can happen atRead MoreMy Experience With Mba Student Team Development1023 Words   |  5 Pages â€Æ' As a Project Manager (PM), developing high performing teams helps me deliver projects successfully. Team members are like family; you don’t get to choose them. In my 10-year Project Management career, building productive teams of individuals with varying skills, gender, age, culture, work ethics, has been my biggest challenge. One of the most quoted Team development models was proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1960. The five developmental sequence are: Forming; Storming; Norming, Performing and Adjourning

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Gun Control And The Second Amendment - 994 Words

In our world today all sorts of crimes take place every second and there is nothing we can do about it. Not only that, but, with the dramatic rise in mass shootings in our nation comes a compelling division between political and legal agendas predicated on the Second Amendment. I want to emphasize that every single crime is violent whether is involves a handgun, knife or nothing at all. Everyone in our nation knows the law and it is the offenders choices to break it and harm others. With that being said, guns dont kill people, but the deaths of all these innocent people simply comes down to the morality of the men and women behind the weapon. Let me ask you this question; Would America still be a country if it werent for the use of†¦show more content†¦Another consideration is whether firearm violence is more a matter of harm to self or others. Suicides account for 61 % of all firearm fatalities in the United States in 2010 as recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (qtd. In Bowen, Injury 2015). In spite of such evidence, Gallup polling data from 2013 showed that 48 % of adult Americans blame the mental health system a great deal for mass shootings in the United States, whereas fewer 40 % blame easy access to guns; an inadequate mental health system is perceived as the top cause of mass shootings (qtd. In Bowen, Saad 2013). The only way to reduce the gun involved deaths would be to do background checks and test the mental health of the people who are purchasing guns. Taking guns away as a whole is simply not an option because that is when our freedom becomes endangered. This leads into my next point about guns being a main type of protection. Guns are only as bad as the people whose hands they are in, that being said, wouldnt you want the good people to have guns too? If someone breaks into your house and is attempting to hurt you or your family, then a gun would be efficient at that time. It is important to remember that banning guns will not stop criminals from obtaining them. They are called criminals for a reason; if they want guns, then they will get guns. That leaves the good defenseless to the bad. We do not want to give the criminals an upper hand. ManyShow MoreRelatedGun Control And The Second Amendment1391 Words   |  6 Pages In the Constitution, the second amendment gives the American people to have the right to possess and bear arms. This amendment has been the most controversial issue since guns have been around. Issues such as gun control and gun ownership have remained a matter of debate and have been floating around in Congress. It has been rumored that Congress is forced to draft certain legislation in order to come up with a law against unlawful use of arms, and only owning them for safety purposes. When it comesRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment Essay1386 Words   |  6 PagesThe second amendment has always been deeply rooted in the American culture and constitution. The amendment states A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Being able to protect ourselves, gives us Americans a peace of mind, but now-a-days people are thinking otherwise. Being able to access a firearm so easily without a thorough deep background/mental health check is un-nerving. In the last twoRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment1179 Words   |  5 Pages13 colonies. The Second Amendment has been up for many debates, especially in the recent light of mass shootings in the US. But does the entire removal and ban of firearms really work? Gun control and the second amendment has been a never ending conflict between politicians. As we look further into gun control there are more draw backs for the citizens than benefits. The Second Amendment was ratified to the US Constitution on December 17, 1791 by Congress. The Second Amendment states â€Å"A well-regulatedRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment1166 Words   |  5 Pagesterrible about the Second Amendment; because pro-gun zealots use the Second Amendment to protect their immoral actions, but this is their twisted and corrupted interpretation on the meaning and intent of the Amendment because this is in no way the original premise of the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms laid out in the Second Amendment is just because guns are weapons for self-defense. Precautions are taken on gun control, such as keeping a permanent record of all gun sales, requiring a licenseRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment Essay1294 Words   |  6 PagesGuns, Guns, Guns. In today’s news Gun Control, has become a controversial topic. I have heard many people say that, â€Å"Guns don’t kill people, people kill people†. So, do we need gun control? People talk because they have mouths, they don’t know the extent about gun violence. About half of the country’s population is for / against gun control. Consistently, the media outlets are reporting shootings, that is accidental or intentional whichever way it is trending across the United States. Stronger gunRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment1850 Words   |  8 PagesWhenever the Second Amendment is discussed, gun control is usually the focus of the discussion due to the connections that gun control and the Second Amendment have. Although the Second Amendment protects the individual right to firearms, the unlimited right is not. America was founded through guns, using their own arms to fight the British in order to gain independence, making it natural for America to be heavily focused on guns. However, many people have abused the weapon, making the controversialRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment Essay1981 Words   |  8 Page s Gun Control has been a controversy for as long as people can remember. This Controversy has increased recently due to the mass shootings taken place all over the United States. Gun control has its pros and cons, Some believe â€Å"Gun control laws state that the Second Amendment was intended for militias; that gun violence would be reduced; that gun restrictions have always existed; and that a majority of Americans, including gun owners, support new gun restrictions.†While others say that the SecondRead MoreGun Control And The Second Amendment922 Words   |  4 PagesGun control has been a long debate to determine if it’s better to have stricter access to firearms. America is one of the few countries that has gun rights embedded in their constitution. But what makes the US exceptional is that it has the right to keep and bear arms, other countries do not provide the right to have access to them, but rather, the government is allowed to regulate its use. The right to b ear arms has also been the cause of growing violence and crime, at least according to anti-gunRead MoreGun Control and the Second Amendment2364 Words   |  10 PagesThe Second Amendment to the Constitution says, â€Å"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed† (Agresti, 2009, para. 2). Based on a simple reading of this, it would seem that people do have the right to own and use firearms. So why are so many people trying to ban guns? Maybe it is because they do not understand what the Second Amendment actually means. Maybe it is because the media only reportsRead MoreThe Second Amendment And Gun Control928 Words   |  4 Pagesothers’ view of our own person are sometimes just as or more important. In reference to the Second Amendment and gun control, the author, Saul Cornell, makes a case for how sometimes every group can think they are the ones in the right, but at the same time, every group can ultimately be in the wrong. It is important to think of not just right or wrong and the rights given to citizens by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but to think back deeper into history as well and what helped to found

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Where to Find Expressive Essay Samples

Where to Find Expressive Essay Samples Simply insert, your own make is surely your own assurance to assist you an individual's consumer. At the close of the essay, you should provide brief statement of what the thing is all about. The easiest method is to select the most interesting one first, and make a quick outline of information. The cost of an essay rides on the total amount of effort the writer has to exert. It is essential for the author to learn more about the effects of private life in order to comprehend the effect of distinct people who are forming your identity. Dependent on the new experiences the writer should make adjustments to assure that the essay is intriguing and instructive. Make an ASSERTION about the guide or book, and after that prove that assertion within the body of the essay. The writer should take an original look at the rough draft and understand the way the readers would see the paper. You need enough ability and expertise to compose the essay so the readers attention is centered on the essay. The topic needs to be something that the reader can relate to. Your sentences in the start of the essay must grab reader's interest. If you're worried about somebody else seeing what you wrote, place your writing in a secure location, or simply tear this up or shred it. You must also be in a position to describe an exceptional spot. The perfect place to bear in mind is an absolutely free online English writing lab named Purdue OWL. Be sure to create clear the SIGNIFICANCE of the individual, place, or event. Language learning happens in a contextual atmosphere. It supplies the notion that the formative sort of Expressive Language Disorder is more probable to take place in people that have a family history of Communication or Learning Clutters. Narratives are geared toward telling about yourself. Everyone can benefit from Expressive Writing. University assignment help is a premier consultancy that delivers online assignment help in rather affordable prices. Description makes it possible for us to show instead of tell. It The Self Assessment Of College Students Essay College students are extremely impressionable in regards to the best way to act at work. It's important to define this kind of academic essay correctly to know how to compose a persuasive essay. Superior essays don't have bad topics. If you don't understand how to compose an expressive essay, just bear in mind the subsequent. Format The essay should begin with an opening paragraph and end it using a closing paragraph. It certainly wouldn't impress the examiner in any respect. Also, you are supposed to interest the reader and represent your competence in a particular issue. This subject is well worth outlining. Mind an outline is quite important. After the topic was chosen, and a concise outline was written, it is the right time to expand on the outline. Editing and rewriting are still a critical part of the procedure, and formatting is significant to the total feel also. There are several free examples of appropriate formatting. Don't forget that any argumentative essay sample you'll discover on the internet will require a full rewriting in order to prevent plagiarism. To compose a thriving expressive essay, it's important to follow along with the structure presented in the outline. When you arrive at a satisfactory way to solve the mystery, you are going to have the THESIS of your paper. The C'' Test Once your initial five essays are accepted, I'll provide you a permission slip to spend the C test.

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Sex Education in the Public School System Essay Example For Students

Sex Education in the Public School System Essay Sex Education in the Public School System Essay. The topic of sex education in public schools has been a hot one for some time. Those in favor of it argue that education is the answer to the rising rate of teen pregnancies and STDs. They are afraid that the youth of today are not receiving the proper information at home to protect themselves. Supporters feel that if kids are provided with accurate information in school they will be equipped with the tools to make wise, healthy decisions. There are many others, however, who are against sex-Ed being taught in schools. They argue that, perhaps, ideas of sex are being placed in kids heads too early and this is leading to early sexual experimentation. Others argue that schools are pulling too far away from the basics and kids are not receiving a proper education. They find that schools are becoming sidetracked with social issues and are passing students through without appropriate academic knowledge. After conducting much research it seems apparent sex education is simply a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values about identity, relationships, and intimacy. It encompasses sexual development, reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body image, and gender roles. School-based sexuality education programs conducted by specially trained educators can add an important dimension to childrens ongoing sexual learning. These programs should be developmentally appropriate and should include discussions on such issues as self-esteem, family relationships, parenting, friendships, values, communication techniques, dating, and decision-making skills. For example by giving teens real life problem and solution situations they will have a better grasp on finding a solution to a problem they may eventually have. The following stories have been taken out of a sex education book. Last weekend Lisa and Bobby went to a party at a house where the parents werent home. After drinking a few beers, Lisa and Bobby went all the way (their first time). The next day, Lisa was upset that she had done this and decided that she doesnt want to have sex with Bobby again. After all she doesnt know him very well. When she explains her decision to Bobby, he becomes very angry and insists, Once youve lost it, youve lost it. You cant go back to being a virgin! Is he right? Though her virginity cannot be restored, Lisa can take control of her sexuality and certainly has the right to refrain from intercourse if she wants to. Just because she made an unwise decision to have sex at the party (with the help of the alcohol) doesnt mean that she has to continue being sexually active. Danielle is 17 years old and has been dating Bill for 8 months. They have come to the decision that they are ready for sex. It will be the first time for both of them. Danielle is scared that she wont know how to do it right. Shes comfortable with her decision to take this step, but shes worried shell do something wrong. How does someone do it right? This is a major step. It is important now for Danielle and Bill to discuss birth control BEFORE the first time they do it. They need to keep in mind that one unprotected sexual encounter could radically change their lives. An aborted pregnancy or giving a child up for adoption are painful choices that may haunt a couple for the rest of their lives. Once birth control is taken care of, how do they do it? That part is much easier when the two people involved care deeply for one another. The first time is often awkward for both parties but over a period of time, with experience, it becomes more natural and more satisfying for both people. If she is concerned about the technical aspects of lovemaking she can browse through her local bookstore to find a book on this topic. The primary goal of sex education is to promote future sexual health. .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af , .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .postImageUrl , .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af , .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:hover , .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:visited , .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:active { border:0!important; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:active , .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u7f4a2f03ebad4b8abb18d15ec51a81af:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Participative management Essay Sex education seeks to assist young people in understanding a positive view of sexuality, provide them with information and skills about taking care of their sexual health, and help them make sound decisions now and in the future. Do We Need .

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Time Machine Essays - The Time Machine, English-language Films

Time Machine In The Time Machine, H.G Wells depicts the workings of a Capitalist society very well. His representations of the classes might be subtle, but the Morlock is an obvious attempt at representing the lower class on several levels. The upper classes in history have been very scarred of the size and capabilities that the lower classes hold over them. The very notion that the Morlocks are underground not only puts them physically under the Eloi's but also represents to me, a ghetto like existence, that we see in our society today. They are depicted as a dark, aggressive people. Much like how the upper class may look at the lower classes today. The Morlocks come up and snatch an Eloi from above down into their existence. This might be a similar fear that someone of the upper class might have today. This notion, whether true or not, shows a common fear of the upper class to the subordinate group. In history most revolutions occur because of the differences in financial status. The French revolution occurred towards the Bourgeois and the American Revolution, fought to stop taxation without representation (a financial reason). I recently walked through New York City and felt that the biggest problem was not between the races (although that is a problem), but the ever-widening difference between the haves and the have-nots. I believe it might have been Karl Marx that foreshadowed a society with a huge chasm between rich and poor, that results in a revolution from the lower class and overthrows the upper. In his view the lower class would then create a Utopian society (of which Marx did not give detail into) ridding the culture of all the problems imposed on them. This has yet to happen in any revolution of significance. Even many years after the book was written, Wells is still able to depict the fears that the class systems today fear. Nothing has really fundamentally changed, and the Eloi's and Morlocks represent this well.

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Burning Mississippi essays

Burning Mississippi essays The film Burning Mississippi was based on the prejudice acts towards the African Americans in the south and in this case Mississippi. The time was in the 50s an 60s during the period of the Ku Klux Klan. The reason for these acts of hate was because the white men thought that they where the only race that mattered and the African Americans where the scum of society. In the movie it shows how even the law was out to get the African Americans, because when ever the KKK did something such as burning down houses and lynching negros they would just sit back and not step in and do anything about it. To prove that I want to tell you about the first scene that happened in the movie. There was three males driving on the road at night time and they were approached by three other cars and, the three males didnt no who they were so they pulled and it was two police man and a few other men. Well the three men in the car were a negro and two white males, all three were shot dead by the po lice men because he didnt think that white males should talk or even be seen with a negro. These white males where considered negro lovers. The very first image that sticks in your mind is the officer putting his gun to the boys head and pulling the trigger. This shows how savage they are. There are many characters in this film, there are all the F.B.I agents trying to find the three boys then the police, towns people, African Americans, and Clayton the police mans wife. The theme of this story shows how destructive mankind can be towards one another. I do not agree with the theme of this story because I dont think that mankind should destroy one another, no matter how we dont like other we shouldnt destroy each other. I think Hollywood did a good job on making this accurate to how it was back in the day. They really went into depth to show how it reall ...

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Strategic financial plan for a non-government organisation (NGO) over Essay

Strategic financial plan for a non-government organisation (NGO) over the next 3 years - Essay Example The organization has a target of seeing the society in question who feels endowed to cater for the needs of the children. In achieving this, the organization builds the potential of the society groups and operates with them as supporters in giving the youth and children with life and wellbeing chance to enhance the opportunities. The organization has been working in conjunction with the locally based NGO’s in the locality with a mutual vision which is to provide the youth and children in the Kenyan Community a just start to life. This is after the youth were not satisfied with the manner in which the majority of NGO and charities in the locality were going about in supporting susceptible children. The organization was registered in 2006 as a community based organization in Kenya and as a charity in the U.K while in 2009 it was put on authenticated as an NGO in Kenya. For each pound given to the NGO 97 % is spent in running programmes that enhance the youth and children’s life and the remaining 3 % is used to raise the next one pound. Organizational Structure The long-term partner for the organization is Wereldkinderen which has vowed to continually support the activities of the organization with a determination to promote the group in enhancing the enforcement of social group projects in more th an 16 societies for the next coming 5 years. There are plans for the projects which foster the business to influence more on the children and communities. There are three more communities which the organization intends to work with and support their programmes of which Chello Foundation has promised to offer support for more 166 scholars by the onset of 2012. Scholarship program Community based programs Sports and health program Children support program Donor Chello Foundation & Private Individuals Wereldkinderen & Liberty Foundation Private individuals Churches and private individuals Duration Since January 2007 up to date Since April 2008 up to date Since 2006 up to date Since 2006 up to date Number of beneficiaries 391 but set to increase 750 also set to increase 1200 but set to increase 66 but currently set to rise Approach and Aim To equip the most disadvantaged children and youth with secondary, post-secondary and vocational education to enable them be independent in life To s upport the community based projects which will boast their living standards hence alleviating poverty in the communities To enhance a healthy lifestyle and health awareness with susceptible children and youth at risk. To give support to orphans and vulnerable youth to enable them be independent and live a successful life Jacquie Cheung is very handy in operating over all sites in an effort to enhance the systems of reporting which has rapidly improving the financial, operational logging and mechanisms of reporting. The organizational new compliance officer is Jonathan Barlow who has a Masters in political economy of late development from the prestigious London school of economics. He has a vast experience through his extensive travel over the Sub-Saharan nations. Significantly, Jacque who has since taken over from Jonathan as a trustee with the WVP Kenya is more than willing to work with other staff in Kenya. The organization has plans to expand their potential and capacity for the operations in Kenya where more members will be brought on board such as volunteers and staff to help in the process of expansion. Funding and Future Financing Of Different Programs Dorridge Methodist church has been instrumental in giving charities to the organization. Being