Thursday, June 20, 2019

M6A2 LTABC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

M6A2 LTABC - Essay ExampleResistance to variety is tridimensional in nature, encompassing cognitive, behavioral, and affective human components or attitudes that inhibit the pitch process (Hammer, 2006). Examples of Resistance to miscellany in an Organization The organization down the stairs study has experienced regular resistance to changes that border on employees intrinsic rewards. The organization had proposed changes that would result in redefining of the employees tasks and alter their current job positions. According to the resisting employees, any attempt to transfer employees to less interesting, less challenging and less autonomous employment positions would lead to negative change evaluation and erroneous evaluation on employee performances. Cognitively, a decrease in challenges and autonomy would also lead to negative emotional response. According to opposing employees, someone well-being is to some extent influenced by an organizations ability to satisfy person i ntrinsic needs including self-determination and autonomy (Brown, 2005). Example two Changes in prestige and powers have as well encountered consistent resistance from employees who feel less rewarded in the process. In the organization under study, the power and prestige changes proposed the alteration in power allocation where some people were to be assigned some influential positions while others were expected to be downgraded. Some lead positions were also projected to get more privileges than others. According to employees, the power organization changes as well as political ramifications were the major causes for negative evaluation of individual performances. Additionally, power relegation was equated to negative impacts on individuals behavior (Brown, 2005). Comparison of the Two Examples against the Theory on Resistance to Change In his life story Space Theory, Lewin evaluated the interaction between the environment and individual needs. According to his theory, people tr y to maintain a balance between their needs and the environment. When this balance is compromised or disturbed, stress is developed and individuals are forced to restore the balance (Schultz & Schultz, 2004). In congresswoman one, an attempt to redefine the position destabilized the employees balance with their environment, leading to resistance. In example two, an attempt to deny people their coveted powers and prestige created stresses that required immediate action to restore normalcy with the environment. Additionally, Lewin observed organizational changes as based on three main steps. The initial step is unfreezing step where employees are trained to understand the need for organizational change. Secondly, employees need to undergo a work change training program based on a structured plan (Williams, 2006). The final step is refreezing, which involves the institutionalization of the new behaviors and structures. In the two examples, the organization management did non follow t he required steps as stipulated by Lewins theory, advancing change resistance Happenings in the Organization under Study The organization under study does not entirely understand the procedure required in

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