Thursday, June 6, 2019

Rooms and University Essay Example for Free

Rooms and University EssayMy first day at University is a precise important and memorable day in my life. I was waiting all(a) the summer in 2011 to enter at the university at January 2012. That day i was so excited at as well as I was truly unquiet because it was my first day in the university and I didnt know any person. But at the end my first day in the university was wonderful. I had no idea how to arrive to my classroom and which room will be our class room. So I had to ask to the reception, where I was going to take classes. This person was very nice and told me the right direction.I walked to the building, and when I arrived I saw some hatful and I felt strange. I come up to to one missy and I asked for the classroom and I discovered that she is my close friend Shima from my school and college level and we were in the same group and I felt less nervous and comfortable . Then we went to the class room. When we began our classes, our lecturer first introduced herself a nd then we introduce our self in the class room. At the time of introducing all our classmates were quiet, nobody talked. I approached with two other girls they were completely unknown to me.I introduced myself, then they did the same and we began to know more about each other, like where we were from or what we did. After that, we pass the rest of the day together until we had to go home. I always remember this particular day, the reason behind it, it gave me a chance to meet with new people and making new friends. From my point of view, it is normal to be nervous in the first day at university but, there was a happy ending. So I think my first day at university was a fantastic day and it will be a memorable day in my life as said earlier.

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