Sunday, November 3, 2019

DRVVT test Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

DRVVT test - Lab Report Example This means that there is the presence of common pathway clotting factors in at least 30% activity. Failure to detect APS could be as a result of mishandling of patient samples. In this case, there could be an introduction of protein contaminants of the same nature thus make it difficult to distinguish APS proteins from the other protein contaminants. Anionic phospholipids serve as strong cofactors required for the gathering of 3 different coagulation complexes when they get exposed on the apical cell membrane surface. These coagulation complexes are the tissue factor-VIIa complex, the Xa-Va complex, and the IXa-VIIIa complex, which participate in blood coagulation. In this way, they are able to enhance the activity of phospholipid-dependent coagulation factors. Vitamin K is an essential contributor in the synthesis of a number of proteins that participate in blood coagulation and also anticoagulation. It is an essential cofactor for a carboxylase enzyme that catalyses the carboxylation of glutamic acid residues found on vitamin K-dependent proteins that participate coagulation. These proteins include prothrombin factors II, VII, IX and X Sources of vitamin K include leafy greens, liver, and cauliflower. Vitamin K is also largely synthesized in the large intestines by bacteria. It is important to note that vitamin K is fat-soluble in nature and that obtained from foods as well as that produce by microbes in the large intestines get absorbed into intestinal lymph together with other

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