Thursday, November 21, 2019

Media major essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Media major - Essay Example The latter are unmanned microprocessor based measuring gadgets. Crittercams are animal borne and thus provide continuous footage of habitats and animal habits that had previously not been thought possible. Another such technological tool is the Positron Emission Tomography (PET). A minute quantity of positron emitting radioactive material is ingested into the body, in such a manner that it reaches an organ or area suspected of being diseased. The emitted positrons are annihilated on coming into contact with electrons and the resultant release of pure energy is detected by sophisticated machinery. This provides an image of that organ or area, which is of significant use in diagnosis. PET has been of great help in diagnosing cancer, brain disorders and heart disease. It is an excellent non – invasive method for differentiating between malignant and non – malignant tumors. Thus, a process of nuclear physics has found widespread use in medical diagnosis. Crittercams were initially used for underwater photography. They have provided considerable knowledge about animals. Crittercams make it possible to film animals from a distance and image them remotely. Many of the programs telecast on the National Geographic Channel are taken with Crittercams (Haraway, 2007, Pp 258-259). Operation of Crittercams is unmanned, and there is no necessity of a camera operator. Crittercam cameras are attached to animals and one video was taken by installing a Crittercam on a seal’s back. Wherever the seal swam, videos were shot, which provided considerable information to scientists, regarding the Hawaiian monk seals and their ability to save the life of other animals. Greg Marshall, a marine biologist invented this technology, to find out about the life of marine creatures (Wichlegren, 10/23/98, P 8). Marshall and other scientists have conducted various experiments with Crittercams, by attaching the latter to seals, turtles and sperm whales.

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